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Book Worm

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Ever been accused of being a book worm?
Didn't really find it an insult?
Willing to call yourself a book worm?
Do you crave written matter constantly?
Find your eyes bored and wandering when not reading?
Well here's a place to share your passion

Calling all book worms, tell us about your favourite novel, review your latest read, or just rant about how long it's taking your favourite author to release that next book in the series you're dying to complete.....

Join us today!

Please put any long entries behind a cut, if you don't know how to cut, look it up in the FAQ.
Please put any spoilers behind a cut and make people aware of them.

If your post has been cross-posted to other book communities, please add this info in somewhere in your post (the end is always a good place) as most of our members are in more than one and don't need to read your post 15 times :)

Ads for other (book related) communities and books for sale are allowed - however, please place all ads behind an lj-cut and preferably include a book review :)

Please do not change the font size or colour, remember people look at this through their friends page, don't throw everyone's page off :)

Before requesting recommendations, please check the Memories and have a look at the threads listed there to see if they apply to your specific recommendation. If not, please don't put a general request out, give a few details of what you're after: Genre/Author/Examples of the types of books you're looking for.

Any off-topic posts WILL be deleted.

ubergeeks rocks our socks! Unite the geeks :)

pagepassage is a community for lines from books. Lines that caught your attention for one reason or another. Come in and share the quotes that stood out to you.

Created and Maintained by zamzetta please email shannon_attwater@hotmail.com if you have any comments/queries/complaints.
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